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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th June 2017 Written Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

The Episode starts with Raman and Ruhi discussing the new project over breakfast. Adi thinks Taneja was right, Raman is giving me touch competition, he is working hard, I will also give him competition. Raman asks Adi about his project, tell me if you need help. Adi says its fine. Raman asks Ishita to hurry up. Ishita asks Raman to give paratha to Adi. Adi asks Raman to have it. Raman asks Adi to have it. Ishita cuts the paratha into two halves, and gives them. Raman asks Neelu to give the file to driver, tell him I m coming in 10mins.

Taneja calls Adi and says there is a good news, we got a good investor, Raman is giving us competition, keep personal and professional things different, I heard Raman has made a commercial plan. Adi says I will find out. He recalls Raman’s words and says

I have to go office. Ishita goes to give Adi’s phone. Driver comes to take car keys. Adi takes the file from him and checks. Ishita comes and sees Adi checking the file. She gives the phone and says if you asked Raman, he would have told you his promotional plan and gave this file to you. Adi says its nothing like that. She says I m your mum, I understand what’s in child’s heart. Driver gets the keys. Ishita asks him to keep Raman’s file safe and sends him. Adi leaves.
Ishita says Raman has stepped back for him, why do children not talk clearly with parents. Aaliya asks her to check the guest lists, invites will come. She asks Ishita what happened, why is she tensed. Ishita says I m thinking of Adi, he is behaving strange, did he tell anything. Aaliya says no, I m sure Adi is nervous for his project launch, I will talk to him. Ishita says I m proud of you, take care of Adi. Aaliya says I learnt a lot from you, you see the changes, I m excited, when Mr. Bhalla knows the surprise, he will be happy.

Roshni tells Appa about his best friend, Mr. Bhalla, he will glad by the birthday party, what will he gift his friend. Appa says he is not my friend, he cheated. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla ask him what happened, why did they fight. Appa says I did not know his truth, he has bribed Goyal to get contract to Sukhdev. Roshni asks did you see him bribing. Appa says no, someone told me. Roshni says you believed someone else, we should meet Goyal and ask him. Appa agrees. Mrs. Bhalla says we should solve this before birthday, he will not be happy cutting cake without you.

Shagun says wow, Papa ji’s birthday, great, you are happy with family. Aaliya says both my families are imp for me. I feel bad when you tell anything bad. Shagun says I wish good for you, things are not good there. Aaliya says no, things are different now, I called to invite you for the party. Shagun asks her to do everything well and not get scolding. Aaliya asks her to promise that she won’t argue or spoil things in the party. Shagun promises her. Aaliya says I m happy, love you. She hopes everything happens well.

Appa asks everyone to see Mr. Bhalla with Goyal, he is bribing Goyal for contract. Mr. Bhalla asks Goyal to say truth. Goyal says you are blaming me to be corrupt, Mr. Bhalla did not give me any bribe, Sukhdev gave me this envelop, check. Mr. Bhalla says its presentation papers, I made Ishita make this for Sukhdev. Appa apologizes. Roshni says I told you not to believe anything wrong. Appa apologizes to Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla forgives him and hugs. Mrs. Bhalla blesses Roshni for ending their fight.

Appa and Mr. Bhalla argue for the contract for their contractors. Roshni asks them can’t they work in partnership, it will be good. They all agree and thank Roshni. Roshni says I solve all problems. They all smile.

Raman comes home and asks Neelu for tea. Ishita asks are you fine, what happened. Raman says there were back to back meetings. Ishita asks him to have a bath, see this invite, its good. She shows invites to everyone. Raman gets upset and asks what’s this, is it necessary to call Shagun. They all discuss about Shagun, making Aaliya against them. Ishita defends Shagun. She asks them to think of Aaliya’s happiness. Ishita helps Aaliya in work and goes. Mrs. Bhalla also fears for calling Shagun. Amma asks what can we do. Mrs. Bhalla sends Neelu. She shows Shagun’s card and tears it. Amma asks what did you do. Mrs. Bhalla says courier guy lost the card, Shagun will not come here. Amma smiles and says I know this is not correct, but someone we have to do this. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita should not know this. Ishita says I will take care of Shagun, what she does in party. Raman says I m worried for Adi, he is annoyed with me. She thinks did Raman know about the file.

Ishita argues with Taneja and a client.. Adi asks Ishita to go home. She hears the client/investor saying why do you let your stepmum interfere in business. She gets sad. Adi says I think we should just discuss business.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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