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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th July 2017 Written Episode

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

The Episode starts with Kanak talking to Gaumata. She sweetly requests Gaumata to give away the dung for her and Bhabho’s happiness, she has to get Bhabho’s shop. She caresses the cow and says I can’t understand your language, I will keep Daasi Dharm, I have to find some way. She gets happy seeing the cow expelling dung. She hugs and thanks Gaumata. She says you have helped me. She sees the dung fallen aside of the bucket and worries. She recalls Uma and Bhabho’s words. She takes the dung by hand. Maasi says Kanak is honest in her attempts, her habit to fall and get up is her speciality. Kanak lines the ground by the dung. Maasi gets glad seeing this and goes. Payal looks on.

Kanak takes bath and comes. Uma praises Kanak. Kanak says cow dung smell is not going away. She

washes hands again. Uma stops her and smells her hands. Jadoo hai kya……plays…… He says I m getting chandan smell today. She looks at him.
Kanak serves food to everyone. Uma asks everyone to wake up early morning, pandit will come for yagya pavitra sanskar, it will be done right mahurat. Kanak asks Shiv not to worry, everything will be on time, I have kept alarms in everyone’s room. Uma asks everyone did they think for gifts to give Shiv. Kanak says I told Gabbasa to get gifts. Maasi says your laziness have gone, you are doing all the things. Uma says my wife is like excited student, if we pat more on her back, she will think her test is completed. He finishes food and washes his hand. Maasi asks Kanak not to take Uma’s place. Kanak says his food is finished, he has sat for vajrasan. Maasi says I know this, but you have food now. Uma asks Kanak to have food in his leftover plate. Kanak asks why will I have food in his plate, we have many utensils. Maasi says this is called Patni Dharm, it increases husband’s age. Kanak says but wife’s age would get less. Maasi says even her age increases.

Uma says its wife’s duty, your necessity to obey Dharm, you think what to do, none is pressurizing you. He goes. Rani tries saree. Golu looks on. Rani does not like any bridal wear. Meenakshi says I will show more. Rani says I don’t want to see anything now. Rani likes a dress and says this looks bridal dress, I look a fairy today. Rani pays money. Rani says Golu got hurt, he will run after me with varmala.

Kanak sees Uma’s plate. She recalls Ved and Vansh. Chutney falls on samosa. Kanak asks how shall I eat now. Vansh says she does not eat anyone’s left food. Ved says she has no option, wow its such great samosa. They praise the samosa. Ved says if jiju asks you to have food this way, what will you say. She says I will leave. He asks jiju? Vansh says food. She says I won’t have leftover food. They laugh. FB ends. Kanak says if I leave this leftover food, I will lose Bhabho’s shop also. Paumi gets a fresh plate for he, kitchen is shutting now, you don’t bear hunger right. Kanak nods. Paulmi asks her to have food, none will see you, except me.

Paulmi says I will take Uma’s leftover plate. Kanak eats food in fresh plate. Maasi and Uma see Kanak and get disappointed.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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