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Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th July 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

Thapki tells Aryan about all the kidnapping scenario. Aryan says they were told both Thapki and Bani died in the accident, but he couldn’t accept the reality. Then he got to know Lovely is a dancer; then he was left with no way but to propose her. She agreed at once and he got to know it wasn’t Thapki. Thapki must never have agreed to marry him. He then reached the doctor who revealed the truth to him. Aryan asks why is she wandering in her own house in veil. Thapki says its because of Bani. She requests Aryan to help her as he has always helped her. Aryan holds her hands and assures nothing will happen to Bani. He has become a part of this family now and he won’t let his family be in any pain. Thapki thanks him. Aryan was sure to save their family and asks for her hand. She holds

In the room, Vasundra discuss with Suman that Rajo cooked exactly like Thapki. Vasundra says Thapki has been in the house for so many days, then how come Rajo cooked exactly the likings of everyone. She asks how many people did Suman met who gets rid of their hiccup only by eating something. Suman replies only Thapki. Vasundra doubts something wrong, and says they must get to know the face behind the veil.
Aryan comes to Lovely in the room, he sings and dances around with her. He pushes her down to the bed and gets a chance to throw her cell phone behind her where Thapki takes it under the bed. Aryan asks Lovely if she is happy with him and speaks his love out until Thapki gets the contacts from Lovely’s cell phone. Lovely finally closes her eyes as Aryan bends towards her. Thapki places Lovely’s cell phone back giving Aryan a signal of thumbs up and carefully walks out. Aryan sits up at once and says this all is not good before wedding, he leaves the room.
In Thapki’s room, Aryan asks if the data is transferred. Thapki says she has done a lot of it. Aryan shows her the photo of young girls. Thapki recognizes herself but not the other girl with her. Aryan tells Thapki to remove her veil off her face. Thapki was worried what if someone knows about it. Aryan says everyone know about it already. The family comes out from behind the curtains, Vasundra cried in elation and hugs her. Thapki touches her and Panday ji’s feet. Samar and Munna take her blessings, Tina hugs her and asks if she would ever leave her again? Thapki says she can never go away from Tina, Tina was with her even when she was hostage to Lovely. She was always thinking about going back to her family. Vasundra says they all love Thapki a lot, she is Thapki Pyaar Ki. Munna asks Thapki who the lady is living with them for so many days. Aryan says her name is Mohini, she is a stranger who is living with them. Thapki tells them they had an accident, she doesn’t remember what happened later on. She was tied to the chair when she woke up. Vasundra says Aryan never believed on Lovely. Suman asks if he was making all these efforts, and they couldn’t know about it. Suman says he really loves Thapki. Vasundra and Panday ji ask why Thapki was in veil. They were about to call the police, Thapki forbids them and says Bani is alive and is hostage to Lovely. This can put Bani in danger. Aryan and Thapki tell them about getting the data. Thapki shows Samar the video of Bani that Lovely showed her. Samar recognizes the godown and goes to bring Bani back.
PRECAP: Thapki asks Lovely who is the girl with her. Lovely says this is her photo with Thapki. She says she is her twin sister, Mohini

Update Credit to: Vishi

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