Saturday , October 21 2017

Sulli talks about her future plans with ‘Grazia’

Sulli sat down for a short interview with ‘Grazia‘ magazine.

On July 19, ‘Grazia’ posted a video of the interview below that had Sulli answering all questions in just 5 syllables. As to how she’s been doing these days, Sulli responded, “I’m living like a princess.” She added she was shooting for Estee Lauder, “Estee Lauder.” As to a question about her lips, Sulli responded, “My lips. What! Why?” 

She further revealed she’s been obsessed with comic books lately, particularly horror. As for her plans for the rest of the year, Sulli simply answered, “I don’t know yet either.”

Sulli’s ‘Grazia’ pictorial will be featured in the magazine’s August issue.

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