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Shakti 9th June 2017 Written Episode

Shakti 9th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

The Episode starts with Preeto feeding sugar and curd to Harman. Harman asks her to bless him for the new start. Preeto says she is his mum and will bless him even if he kills her. Harman asks Varun to come and says lets make a new start and asks Gulabo to tell everyone that her husband runs factories.

Surbhi is signing on the divorce papers. Lawyer asks if she will get Harman’s signatures. Maninder takes the papers and asks Surbhi to think about her life. Surbhi says she thought about her life and signs on the papers. Shanno tells Viren that she will leave the house, and says she gave heir to this family, but nothing is on his name. Viren asks her to wait patiently and says our son will have everything. Shanno says she don’t want to stay in the house. Viren slaps her.

Varun checks the accounts

and thinks it is complicated. Surbhi comes. He says you are here. Soumya comes and greets her. She asks about the papers in her hand. Surbhi says nothing and asks do I need to call you. Soumya says no. Preeto asks when did you come and asks Soumya to bring lassi for her. Soumya goes. Preeto asks Surbhi if these are divorce papers. Surbhi says yes and shows the papers. Soumya brings lassi. Preeto asks her to take Surbhi to room. Varun tells Preeto that he loves Surbhi a lot and tells that Harman came inbetween them last time. Preeto hears him and thinks she won’t let Surbhi go, and says you will stay here and then will see what is happening with your sister, then you can decide if you have taken right or wrong decision.
The workers of the factory gossip about Harman and his two wives. They says Soumya is controlling him even now. Harman hears them and comes there. He says what you are saying as control, it is her love. He says my wife brought me back home and ask them to love their wives and stop interfering in others’ lives. Shanno cries. Viren asks her to calm down. Preeto asks Shanno to make food. Shanno says I will not go and cook food. Preeto calls her. Shanno says I will not go. Preeto asks shall I come there.

Viren goes to Preeto and says Shanno can’t make food today and says she is having stomach. Soumya says I will check. Preeto asks her to go and handle kitchen and says she will see Shanno. Surbhi asks Soumya to take care of her. Preeto asks her to go carefully. She then tells Viren that she knows what Shanno is actually having and asks him to handle her. Viren goes. Harman is in the car and thinks about Soumya. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays….

Maninder tells Bebe that he can’t see Surbhi sad and says she shall also marry and settle down. He says once she settles down, we will go far from here. Bebe asks God to bring back happiness in Surbhi’s life. Maninder says Varun is good for her. Nani comes and says she agrees with them, and says they have to make her understand with love.

Everyone is having food. Preeto asks Shanno how is her stomach pain. Viren says better than yesterday. Preeto says love shall be like this, husband is telling on his wife’s behalf. Harak singh says Harman didn’t come till now. Varun says he is taking interest in the work. Raavi says this kinnar…and looks at soumya, says I mean to say his wife have made him better. Harman comes home and asks Soumya to come to room. Preeto asks him to have food. Harman says I have something to talk to his wife and takes Soumya. Raavi says husband and wife talk…? Preeto asks don’t you do with your husband and asks her to have food.

Preeto gives keys to Soumya and says she accepts her as bahu of their house. Shanno asks if men and women are dead in this house that kinnar will handle the home. Preeto slaps her. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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