Shakti 13th June 2017 Written Episode

Shakti 13th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

The Episode starts with Preeto giving keys to Soumya and asks her to handle house. Soumya is worried while others are shocked. Preeto says I hope nobody have objection with my decision else they can talk to me. Shanno goes to room angrily. Viren follows her. Harak Singh asks Preeto why did you give keys to Soumya. Preeto says what else I could do. Harak Singh says there can be other solution. She says I gave her keys as she shall think that she is our bahu and everyone will hate her now. She says although she is a paper flower, but thorns shall be real for her. Varun comes to Maninder’s house and gives divorce papers to Surbhi, saying Harman has signed. He says it is painful to see relation breaking. Maninder asks him to sit. Varun thinks tell me whatever I want to hear. Maninder says I thought about your

alliance with Surbhi and thought you are suitable guy for her. Varun thinks to convince Preeto. Surbhi sees divorce papers and cries, thinks she wanted divorce from Harman which she got, and thinks she must be the first girl in the world, who got married with her wish and got divorced too. She thinks when she is holding divorce papers, she don’t understand what to do.
Shanno breaks the things in the room. Viren asks what is this madness and tries to calm her down. Shanno asks him to leave her, let her go to her mayka or have poison and die. Viren says these things happen in the house. Shanno says I was slapped because of kinnar, and asks him to either give her rights or let her go to mayka. Viren tries to control her anger. Shanno slaps him. Viren is shocked. Shanno cries. Viren asks him to slap him more, but don’t go to mayka. I will handle everything. Soumya calls Nani and tells that Preeto slapped Shanno today and says if she shall go and apologize. Nani asks her to apologize. Harman comes home and tells Preeto that she is a good saas. He says he is gone mad with happiness and gives her sweets. Preeto and harak singh takes sweets. Harman forcefeed sweets to others. Chintu says I will eat all. Harman goes to Soumya and make her have sweets. Soumya thanks him. Harman asks Soumya to serve him food. Preeto asks Viren where is Shanno. Viren says she is unwell and will eat later. Soumya says she will give her food.

She goes to Shanno’s room and keeps food on the table. She asks Shanno to have food. Shanno says I will not have food and asks her to go. Soumya asks him not to be angry with food. Shanno says daya ki devi and tells that even she has wishes and desires. Soumya says if you have any complaints then you can tell us. Shanno says you will help me and asks her to go. Soumya asks her to tell what she needs.

Shanno tells her something which is muted, and asks if you can do anything for me. She asks her to go. Soumya asks her to come with her. Shanno asks what you will do. Soumya asks her to trust her. Shanno refuses. Soumya takes her to hall and says she needs to talk to Preeto and Harak Singh about Viren and Shanno’s rights. Everyone is shocked. Preeto and Harak Singh get up from their chair. Harak Singh says you wants your share and says I have seen many partitions, and says lets do it. Shanno says how you will do partition, you will kick us out of house. Harak Singh insults them. Harman says lets sit and talk. Harak Singh says we gave keys to Soumya and not our palm lines. Harman says it is better to talk. Preeto says I will talk and asks Soumya what did Shanno tell you. Harman asks Soumya to tell them.

Soumya says they tell that they are part of the family and have no objection with them, and says they don’t want to beg money for their personal expenses. Preeto asks Soumya to tell what to do. Harman says how she will do. Preeto says she is our elder bahu and needs to take decision. Soumya says I made Chachi’s voice heard to you and it is upto you to decide. Preeto says ok, I will see and asks Harak Singh about his decision. He says he will give 11000 to them every month as their bahu is saying. Viren thinks this 11000 is going to trouble me. Harak Singh tells Varun that he will check the accounts.

Soumya tells that Shanno and Viren shall not have any problem. Harman says he felt good seeing her other side, and says you have raised your voice for someone’s rights. Soumya gives credit to Harman for her courage.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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