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Sasural Simar Ka 27th June 2017 Written Episode

Sasural Simar Ka 27th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

Scene 1
Piyush packs his bags and roshni’s. He holds her hand and comes out. Simar says I won’t let you go. He says please ma. Simar says mataji please stop him. Piyush says lets go Roshni. Simar stands in front of them. She says don’t leave me. Piyush says I am not leaving don’t for a second think that. Its about my wife’s respect. You told me nothing is more important than self respect. He hugs her and says we need your prayers not your tears. Simar hugs them. Simar gives roshni small idol. Roshni and Piyush touch mataji’s feet and leave. Simar holds Piyush’s hand but he leaves. Simar is crying.

Ananiya meets the editor and says thank you so much. he says thanks for the money. Annaiya says i kicked you out roshni. It my life now.

all celebrate. Pari says ananiya you did a wonder wow. It was so much fun.
Roshni and Piyush are on the road. She trips. Piyush holds her and says you are tired. Roshni says this all is happening because of me. I promise I didn’t do anything. He says I know that. I trust you. She says if we had stayed I could prove myself. He says that is what I didn’t want. Why should you prove yourself every time? Why shouldn’t they trust you anyway? If our family doesn’t trust us then whats the point. Roshni says but.. How will we live without her. He hugs her and says dont’ worry I am with you. He says sorry ma we didn’t have another way.
Scene 2
Simar is crying. She says my kids left and I couldn’t do anything. Bell rings its anjali. Vikram is with her bag. Anjali is crying. Simar says what happened? Why are you crying? Mataji says is everything okay? Simar says please tell us what happened. Mataji says lets sit down and discuss. Vikram says there is nothing to discuss. Its all over now. Anjali sits down and cry. Simar says don’t cry. Simar says how can you do that vikram She is not well. Vikram says she is lying. Its all her drama. She tells them everything. Vikrma says she only lies. I am sorry but I can’t keep the burden of this relationship anymore. I am responsible for all this, because I trusted her. My tai ji and tao ji left because of her. Because of her I never trusted taniv and couldnt’ make her my wife. Because i couldn’t stop loving anjali. Anjali has made fun of me and my love. Simar says but.. Vikram says no ma. I can’t do this anymore. i can’t do this anymore. I have nothing to do with anjali now. Anjali says please vikram don’t leave me. I am sorry. I will do whatever you say. He leaves. Simar says please ma stop her. MAtaji says whatever vikram said and did is totally right. How can we blame him when you are wrong. Simar says you are right mataji. How can you do this to vikrma? Anjali says I love him. Matajo says that is not love. That is your madness. We can’t even kick you out of here but don’t expect anything from us. You have lost all the respect in our eyes. Anjali says mom i didn’t have another option. Simar says you had the option of truth. Anjali says I cant live without him. Simar says yoou left him way before he left you today. If you have ever loved Vikram then forget him and let him live in peace now. She goes to her room. Anjali sits there crying. She says I can’t live without vikram. but if love means sacrifice I won’t ever take your name.

Precap-Some thugs stop Arav and ananiya.
They ask ananiya to give all her jewelry. She says I wont. A car stops to help them.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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