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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th June 2017 Written Episode

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

Urmila happily tells family that today is a special day, Gopi accepted Jaggi as husband at last. Sahir hugs Jaggi and congratulates him. Seeta also congratulates. Kokila asks Jaggi and Gopi to go and complete aarti. Urrmila says this calls for a party. Kokila says let us arrange party and invite guests. Jai shouts Jaggi says he will rock the party. Sameera with Pinku darling and Ricky enters and says wow party…Pinku says it is Sameera’s birthday tomorrow. Sameera says she will celebrate party with whole family. Ricky says he will become DJ. Jaggi says nobody will understand his English songs. Ricky misbehaves, and says he will be DJ in his beautiful wife’s party. Nobody bothers to correct him. Jaggi says then he should celebrate party alone. Gopi says they

will celebrate Sameera’s party. Sameera does drama, they forgave her that is most important. Kokila says they will celebrate double party tomorrow. Pinku darling says he will make guest list then. Urmila says who will work then. Kokila asks Seeta to serve food to everyone.
Dharam cries looking at Meera’s pic in his mobile. Meera watches from other side of mirror. Bhavani comes and asks what is he doing. He says checking file. She says he looks so cute.. He smiles and walks out. Bhavani then looks into mirror and taunts that Dharam is so cute, she must have fallen for him easily.

Sameera and Pinku plan their revenge will be complete during party tomorrow and they will send Modis to jail. Sameera says she can risk her life to send Modis to jail, her revenge will be complete. Ricky enters and asks what revenge. Sameera acts as emotional and says his family insults him for marrying her and taking revenge from him. Ricky as usual believes her. Kokila on the other side tells Gopi and others that Sameera is up to and is planning fake birthday, they have to be careful and ruin her plans.

Jaggi and Gopi get ready in party attire and get happy looking at each other. Jai and Veeru knock door and ask them to come out. Party starts. Pinku and Sameera greet their guests. Madhura ben and lawyer Mrs. Lalvani also come with others. Kokila tells Urmila and others that Sameera has planned something big, she has called Madhura ben and Mrs. Lalvani with a big motto and attack them big way, so they have to find out her plan. Gopi asks how will they know her plan.

Bhavani enters Meera’s room and finds her unconscious. She calls doctor. Doctor checks Meera and says she is unconscious because of suffocating in closed room Bhavani says Meeera ahs to stay in this room forever, so she has to revive Meera. Doc writes prescription. Bhavani says she will get all these medicines and will reward doctor sufficiently to keep her mouth shut. Meera silently writes a note and keeps it in doctor’s bag.

Sameera’s puppet bring cake. Sameera signals him to go and keep it in kitchen. Seeta is with Jai and Veeru near kitchen. Puppet stumbles on their toy car and yells at them. Seeta follows him. A packet falls from his bag and he leaves without noticing it. Seeta picks it. Kokila and Urmila come to kitchen to pick starters. Seeta shows it and says this packet fell from cake delivery boy’s bag. Kokila checks and says it is gun powder.

Sameera takes special attention of Madhura and her team. Kokila gathers her team and informs that she found gun powder from kitchen and it fell from cake boy. Gopi says that means Sameera is planning to use gun powder and do a dhamaka.

Precap: Urmila asks Kokila how will Sameera use this gun powder. Kokila says via cake, she is sure Sameera has done something with cake.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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