Saturday , October 21 2017

‘Produce 101’s Kim Yong Guk and Kim Si Hyun to team up with BTS and VIXX’s producer team for debut

Produce 101’s Kim Yong Guk and Kim Si Hyun will be teaming up with Devine Channel.

Devine Channel is the same team who worked with BTS on “Fire”, as well as many of VIXX, Taeyeon, and TaeTiSeo’s hits. They also created ‘Produce 101’ season 2’s “Open Up”, which was the winning song for the concept evaluation round. JQ, who worked on EXO and SHINee’s lyrics, will be writing the duo’s debut song lyrics, and finally, FreeMind, who choreographs for Shinhwa and Seventeen, will be working on their choreography. Photographer Kim Rin Yong, the man behind BTS’s ‘Wings’ jacket photos as well as the ‘Produce 101’s photos, will be working on their jacket photos.

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