Netizens think Red Velvet’s Irene does this at least once a day

Netizens are convinced that Red Velvet’s Irene must do this at least once a day. Irene is known among fans for being a big lover of smells. Her love for smells, according to fans, makes her an expert in doing laundry and ironing. So what does this love of smells do to Irene?

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She smells the inside of her sleeve all the time!

She even offers the nice smell of fabric softener lingering in her freshly laundered clothes to her fellow members:

Red Velvet fans also said that Irene’s favorite smell is fabric softener. What might her favorite fabric softener be, then?

One fan who asked Irene the question herself during a fan sign, shared that Irene’s answer was ‘Downy Infusions Sweet Dreams‘.

Netizens commented, “So cute”, “The next IU disease is Irene disease”, “Kekeke I do that in the winter because my nose gets cold”“Wonder what perfume she uses”, and more!

Anyone else guilty of doing this out of habit?

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