What do netizens think makes Red Velvet’s teasers stand out from other girl groups?

Both fans of Red Velvet and the general public alike are excited for Red Velvet’s winter, ‘Velvet‘ comeback, with the group having launched their first set of teasers recently.

One netizen took to an online community to point out one unique factor which set apart Red Velvet’s teaser images and jacket concepts from the flood of other girl groups out there. What do you think it is? Look through some of Red Velvet’s past concepts below:

Ice Cream Cake

Dumb Dumb

One of These Nights

Russian Roulette


Red Flavor

and the latest, “Peek-A-Boo

According to the netizen who shared the post, Red Velvet have never smiled into the camera for their jacket concepts, ever since their debut, but rather go for a chic, expressionless approach, each time.
Others commented, “Red Velvet’s signature creepiness! Love it”“I was just thinking while scrolling down, ‘It must be that they’re all pretty’, but now that I look at them thinking that they’re expressionless, it’s all I can see”“Wow there really aren’t any photos of them smiling”“When looking at all of them together like this, none of the concepts overlap”“I don’t like aegyo, and Red Velvet don’t really do aegyo, which is why I like them”, and more.
Do you agree?

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