Netizens notice a visual change in recent photos of actor Jung Il Woo

Netizens couldn’t help but notice a visual change in actor Jung Il Woo.

The ‘High Kick‘ star attended the ‘2017 Seoripul Festival’ held last month on September 24 where he made a rare public appearance.

Netizens noticed that the star looked to have gained weight, causing much attention.  His trademark sharp jawline and pronounced facial features were nowhere to be found.

Regardless of his chubby cheeks, he still swooned many with his sweet smile and happy aura.

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Upon witnessing his current whereabouts, netizens reacted, “He still looks good despite the weight gain,” “He has a charming smile as always.”

Meanwhile, Jung Il Woo is currently serving as a public service worker in Seoul after enlisting in December 2016.

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