Netizens applaud Jung Chae Yeon’s manners off-stage at ‘2017 Dream Concert in Pyeongchang’

Netizens found DIA Jung Chae Yeon’s manners off the stage at the ‘2017 Dream Concert in Pyeongchang‘ held this past November 4, very commendable.

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Fans who were present at the concert have posted some off-stage photos their favorite artists who performed for the show, including Jung Chae Yeon. After what seems like a group stage, Jung Chae Yeon gets ready to exit the stage.

But before fully disembarking from the stage, she extends out her hand and aids the ‘Pyeongchang Olympics‘ mascots, who are wearing heavy costumes and may have difficulty seeing the stairs under their feet due to their reduced vision.


After helping both mascots off stage, Jung Chae Yeon heads on her way.


Netizens are applauding Jung Chae Yeon for doing something “even the staff didn’t do”, and generally seem to agree that “she looks like she’s a nice person, and really is.” Others commented, “I love being Chae Yeon’s fan because she’s pretty on the outside and the inside”“She’s so pretty these days”“It must have been so cold and she must have wanted to hurry inside, and still…”“She seems nice but not a pushover? She still says what she wants to say”, and more.
Meanwhile, the recorded broadcast of the ‘2017 Dream Concert in Pyeongchang’ will air on KBS2 this November 11.

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