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Naamkaran 12th June 2017 Written Episode

Naamkaran 12th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

The Episode starts with Avni saying I m leaving from Neil’s life, sorry to add sleeping medicine in your kheer. She ends call. Neela says Neil I have to leave from here. She asks Fatima is this her house, why did she do this with her. Neil hears her. Fatima says Avni got free of Dayaben’s clutches, Neil does not even know her real name, Neil would have arrested her if I told you. Neela asks what did you do, Neil knows she is Avni. Fatima gets shocked. She asks does Neil know her truth. Neela says yes, he wants to help Avni and punish Dayaben, this mad girl has run away. Fatima says I have to tell Avni. Neela says no, she won’t accept Neil’s help.

Fatima says why did you not tell me till now. Neela says I thought you will not take Neil’s help, we have to stop Avni. Neil comes and says

there is an idea, if you two help me. Bebe says they did not come till now. Prakash says maybe they went somewhere. Bebe says I told Neil to come home before sunset. She argues with Shweta.
Prakash says I know you are not happy with my and Shweta’s marriage, but we are happy, marriage runs with love. Bebe taunts him. She asks him to call Neil. Avni and Ali are at airport. Avni says I don’t like running away, I had to get Aman from Dayaben, I can’t leave him. Ali says sometimes we have to move back and attack to win in big war, we will come back and get Aman, I promise.

He gets shocked seeing the news of Dayaben’s granddaughter’s return, Avni has come back. Neil tells media that DNA proves this girl is Avni Aisha. Ali asks Avni what does she want to do now. Avni says this can be Dayaben’s plan. Dayaben sees news and asks Ketan to find about that girl. Diksha jokes. Dayaben gets angry. Amol comes and asks what happened. Dayaben sees all of them laughing ad gets angry. Ketan asks her did she take medicines. Amol takes the marriage picture of Ashish and Neela. He gets shocked. Ketan asks him to go and get water. Amol asks what is Ananya’s mum doing with Papa, I kidnapped her, she threatened me that none should know Ananya is her daughter. Ketan says it means my doubt was right, Avni is alive.

Avni comes to police station. DD greets her. Shweta says I m hearing Bebe’s taunts because of Ananya. Prakash says Ananya saved Neil from Mehta family cheat, it means her heart is clean. Shweta says fine, I can give her money, but not make her my bahu. Bebe hears this and looks at Shweta. Avni comes to Neil and says I have to talk.

Neil asks her to see Avni Aisha’s Dna report, how did you come back, did you cancel running plan, or missed me. She says I did mistake, I should have not come here. He says sorry. She asks do you really want to be in this marriage, why did you stop me, do you have any solid reason, I have run away as you could not do anything, being close to a criminal. He asks about whom are you saying. She says Dayaben, you think you can stop me by threatening to arrest my mum. He asks is Neela your mum. She says she is like my mum. He says come, we will go home, Bebe is waiting, its your wish.

Ali comes home and meets Fatima and Neela. They ask for Avni. Doctor check Dayaben. Diksha says we have no money for medicines. Doctor says this is calcium medicine, I will change it. Ketan asks Amol to go with doctor. Dayaben says someone is laying a trap for us, we have to find out about Avni.

Avni stops Neil and asks how do you know this girl is Avni. He asks why are you interested. She says maybe this girl is a fraud. Neil asks why do you care, my family is waiting, you won’t tell me I m right or wrong. She says I m related to Avni. Ali worries. Neela says Neil will manage. Ali says he can arrest Avni. Neela says Neil will not arrest her, Neil caged Avni in marriage, I m with Avni since childhood. Neela says Avni needs Neil at this time, not you, Neil promised he will help Avni, she should agree.

Neil says I m taking Avni home, I have to talk to Dayaben, you mean DNA report is false. She says yes, its all false, like this girl. He asks why don’t you say something, why shall I believe you that this girl is not Avni. She shouts I m Avni Aisha, Fatima’s granddaughter, Aisha’s daughter, Ashish’s illegitimate child, I got shot by Dayaben, I m that Avni who used to wipe my mum’s tears and sung lullaby for her, I have seen my mum break, I m Dayaben’s illegitimate granddaughter, whose Naamkarann did not happen till now, I have just this bullet mark as the sign, this girl is lying, who is she. She lifts veil and sees DD. She gets shocked. Neil shows the report of Avni and Fatima’s DNA. She asks did you know everything on marriage day. He says yes, everything. It rains. They get seated somewhere.

Neil says you could have told me truth before also Avni. Avni says you could have arrested me before. He says I wanted to arrest, not because you are a criminal, you always lied to me, I knew you always cheated me. She asks why did you not arrest me. He says real culprit is Dayaben, she is free outside, how could I arrest you, I promise you, I will put Dayaben behind bars, I promised Neela and Fatima too, the system will get justice for you, trust me, I know you lost everything and even your childhood. She cries and hugs him.

Bebe says such a big lie, what is that girl going in this house. Neil and Avni come home. Avni asks Bebe to punish her. Bebe says fine, meet me at the door tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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