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Naagin 3rd June 2017 Written Episode

Naagin Season 2 3rd June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

Yamini shows Shivangi to Sesha and asks if Shivangi has come has Shivanya, then who is this. Shesha says they will know right now. She throws her magic on Shivanya. Shivanya his hand injures and she disappears. Yamini yells in her usual style. Shesha says Shivangi is alive and one who is roaming as Shivanya is icchadhari nag. Yamini is shocked hearing this. Sesha gathers all Yamini’s partners. Jadunath asks why did she call him here. Sesha says he betrayed them by trying to grab nagmani via Tanya, he made Yamini’s family froze via Tanya’s black magic. Tanya enters and asks Yamini if she called her. Jadunath says Sesha called and she knows their secret, so they have to help her. Sesha says Shivangi has returned back and now is with another icchadhari nag, they have to kill them both.

Shivangi disguised as Rajasthani mehandiwali informs Mansi that Avni is crying and is calling her. Mansi goes to Avni’s room. Rubel and Aliya also come followed by Anshuman. Mansi asks Avni why did she call her via mehandiwali and tries to leave. Shivangi holds her hand and removes veil. Mansi and everyone are shocked, Mansi asks if she is still alive. Shivangi says yes. Avni says they called everyone here to reveal how Yamini tried to kill Shivangi and her truth. Shivangi ties Avni back in cupboard. Sesha comes yelling what did Shivangi drink that she does not die. She takes Avni out of cupboard and tells she had to trouble her as he knows she is nagin, she did this for Rocky, even Rocky is nag and requests her not to tell this secret to anyone. She asks if she will help her get Rocky. Avni nods yes. Sesha frees her and apologizes again. Avni says no need to apologize, she know what is love. She hugs her and says if she had told that she loves bhai, she would have got her married before. Shivangi with Mansi and othes watches hiding near door. Avni smiles at Shivangi and leaves with Sesha. Shivangi shakes hands with her team and says they will save Avni.

Rubel tells Mansi and Aaliya that the will not let Avni go near Prithvi. Mansi says let Shivangi get proof first, then they will decide. Yamini sees mehandiwali/Shivangi and walks towards her. Aaliya stops her and says Prithvi is cracking jokes, why don’t she crack some. Yamini scolds this is wedding house and she wants jokes instead. She continues walking towards Shivangi. Aaliya drops mehandi on Avni, apologizes and asks her to go and change. Yamini tries to stop Shivangi Avni says let her change. Sesha comes and says she wants to check everyone and says she has everyone’s name and will call each one. She calls names and they remove veil and show their faces. Rocky sees Prithvi getting call and going out. He follows Prithvi and sees him getting a bag from a man, thinks if he and his parents are also behind nagmani. He turns into Manjusha and asks Prithvi if this bag has bomb. He says it is bank robbery money, he was freed in 2 months as police did not have proof against him, his friend gave him 3 crores share. He says once he marries Avni, he will loot Rocky’s money and does not have to rob. Sesha continues checking workers and asks Shivangi/Kavita to show her face. She shows face and walks away. Sesha fumes that Shivangi once again tricked them. Rubel and Aalliya stop Kavita and asks who is she. She turns into Anshuman. Shivangi comes and says she knows Yamini well, so she sought Anshuman’s help. Mansi asks Shivangi to find proof against Prithvi first, she will get Avni out of mantap.

Shivangi tells Anshuman that Prithvi is a thief and how to prove that. Rocky addresses guests that he thought his sister is marrying a brilliant man, but he is a bank robber and just now came after being in jail for 2 months. Pritvhi gets up and tries to run. Police catches him and arrests. Manjusa and Prithvi try to run. Rocky stops them and says parents give good sanskars to their children, but they taught their son crime. He gives 3 crores bank robbery money to police. Prithvi fumes at Manjusha that he asked her to keep money safely. Rocky apologizes Avni for breaking her heart. Avni says she is proud of him that he saved her on time. She says this marriage will not happen now. Yamini starts her drama, scolds Manjusha and Ranveer that she cannot believe they betrayed her, they are criminals. Rocky confronts Tanya that he thought she is a friend, but she betrayed him. He tells guests that this marriage will not happen and they all can go. They all leave. Ranveer, Manjusha and Tanya leave.

Shesha tells Yamini that Rocky kicked out Manjusha and Ranveer, they will reveal our secret outside. Yamini says she sent them out and not Rocky. She searches something and says she is concerned about Shivangi and her partners, they have to find and finish them soon. Sesha says Shivangi’s friend is ichadhari nag and it is not easy to kill them, how will they hide nagmani now. Yamini kills cockroach and says she killed Shivangi’s friend, now she can go and hide nagmani. Sesha yells she should eat it, fatty has gone mad.

Sesha goes to takshak lok. Rajmata asks if she brought nagmani. Sesha gets nagmani from her head and says she brought it, but how will she get nagmani. Rajmata says she has to perform pooja with Rocky keeping nagmani under shivling on today’s dhooj night and spend night with Rocky, then Rocky will be hers forever. Shesha says she can spend many nights for Rocky’s sake. Rajmata asks her to go and get her takshak raja then.

Shivangi sees Rocky sitting on garden bench and crying looking at her pic. Rocky cries that he cannot forget her. Mile ho tum humse bade naseebon se…song..plays in the background. Rocky keeps pic on bench and continues crying. Pic falls down. Shivangi picks it and says their love is unique and she will protect their love. Rocky see pic missing and starts searching. Sesha comes and asks what is he searching, says nagmani is in danger and Shivaangi wants to grab it back. Rocky says she killed Shivanig, how can she be alive. Sesha says she had killed her to save badi maa, but she got alive again and wants to kill badi maa and get her powers via nagmani, so they have to keep nagmani at a special place together in takshak lok. She continues brainwashing him if Shivangi gets nagmani and gets back her powers, nobody can stop her from killing badi maa. She says Rocky that he can fly, so they should reach takshak lok and keep nagmani at safest place. Shivanig hears their conversation and informs Anshuman that Sesha took Rocky to Takshak lok and don’t know what she wants to do. Anshuman says even they will go to takshak lok and find out. Rocky and Shesha reach takshak lok. Nags there chant nagraj ki jai ho…Sesha says Rocky that he is takshak lok’s raja. Anshuman and Shivangi reach takshak lok and see takshak guards. Shivangi asks how will they escape from guards. Anshuman says via gurudev’s protective gear/raksha kavach. He gives her kavach which resembles guard’s dress. They both mingle with guards. Rocky and Shesha sit on royal chair. Rajmata addresses them as nagraj and nagrani and asks them to come and establish shivling. Rocky is surprised to hear that. He walks towards shivling. Storm starts. Rajmata says that night and special moment has come, let us establish nagmani under shivling. Shivangi thinks Rocky should protect nagmani instead. Rocky keeps nagmani under shivling. Storm stops. Rajmata chants nagraj ki jai ho and says today nagmani belongs to takshak lok now. Their powers have increased and will increase more on nagpanchami, so nagraj and nagrani’s marriage should marry.

Precap: Rajmata asks Shesha to do havan for 1 part of night, then she should consummate with Rocky. Anshuman picks nagmani and Rocky reaches there. Anshuman says he knows he would come here, he is shown wrong truth. Sesha sees Rocky in panchner haveli and says Rajmata that they will go there.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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