Meri Durga 24th June 2017 Written Episode

Meri Durga 24th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

The Episode starts with Dryga running in the race. Yashpal and everyone look on. A girl leads in the race. Rajveer gets shocked. Dulaari and Rishi keep seven laddoos, and laugh saying about Amrita’s destruction. Madhav comes there and angrily stares at them. Dulaari asks what happened. Madhav stops her and says you lost the right to call me son. She asks why are you saying so. He asks don’t you know, I got to know your cheap truth, how you two have played with Amrita’s life, I got to know Rishi’s Dedh shaadi truth. Rishi says its nothing like that, that illiterate Amrita fooled you. Madhav raises hand on Rishi and stops. He says I m stopping because of our relation, else none can stand on feet by talking against Amrita, you all cheated me, not Amrita.

Madhav says I called you mum, you know

mum is regarded Lord, I did what you said, but you did wrong with me, I doubted on those innocent people, dad did right to keep me away from you till now, he knew you all will just cheat, nothing else. He asks them to keep laddoo boxes ready, after 7 days, I m going to marry Amrita. They get shocked. He says I will give her love and respect, when I met you after many years, I expected mother’s love, but you used me, I m ashamed to be your son, I will forget I had a mum.
Dulaari says if Amrita knows truth, she will not keep relation with you. Madhav cries and says you should have atleast waited for me to leave, I was having last hope from you, I will manage everything, don’t come in front of me again. He leaves.

Durga thinks I can’t lose this race, I have to see dad’s happiness. Durga runs faster. Rajveer asks her to run faster. Durga leads in the race again. Sanjay and everyone clap for her. Yashpal looks on sad. Everyone cheer for Durga. Yashpal recalls Durga’s words and cries. Durga wins the race. Everyone clap for her. Yashpal screams and cries. Durga jumps happily. Rajveer and everyone get glad.

Rajveer says you have done it, running champion of the state. Everyone run to Durga and congratulate her. Durga thinks why did Yashpal not come to me. Madhav comes home and sees Amrita. Dadi gets emotional that Amrita will go after marriage. Amrita hugs Dadi and says however far I go, I will always be close to you. Madhav says I have lied to everyone, I love Amrita, I will tell her truth. He calls out Amrita and says I want to tell you truth, I have hidden the truth from you, I wanted to marry you to take revenge for my mum and brother’s insult, I m Dulaari’s son and Rishi’s brother, they have sent me here, they provoked me against you and your family. They all get shocked. Amrita slaps Madhav.

Amrita asks him to leave, she hates him. He calls her out. His dream breaks. Amrita asks what happened, I m here, were you dreaming, I have taken lahenga for myself, see this, how does it look. He says yes, it looks good. Dadi shows the jewelry they made for Amrita, she will not look less than a princess. Amrita asks him to see his marriage clothes, she has chosen it. Madhav says yes, and worriedly goes. Amrita says I forgot to show his shoes. She goes after him.

Neelkant congratulates Durga and ask her to wait till she gets prize. Sanjay says we are proud of you, you will become national champion. Yashpal looks on. Durga looks for him. Yashpal goes. Durga cries recalling Yashpal’s words. Rajveer sees Yashpal going. Rajveer thinks I can’t let Yashpal go without meeting Durga. Subhadra smiles.

Durga gets the trophy and smiles. Yashpal scolds Durga. He walks on the road and gets hit by a truck. Annapurna drops sindoor and worries.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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