Wednesday , June 14 2017

Little steps towards cleaner environment

COMBATING climate change and achieving a better environment takes a lot of effort. Members of an international welfare organization showed last week that a single bold step can make a difference as they rolled up their sleeves and sailed for a journey towards a clean environment. Around 150 members of International WeLoveU Foundation be it young and old, professionals or students had gather together to collect thrash, plastic bags, bottles, dried leaves and tree branches that were just left lying along Puan Crossing to Talomo road last May 21, 2017. The participants cleaned both sides of the road including canals as part of their “Clean the World” movement. The Barangay Talomo local officials also supported them by providing drinking water, garbage bags, and cleaning tools. People from all walks of life joined including the 30-year-old Lovella Diaz who did not hide her excitement in joining the event.
“I am very joyful today because we are given a chance to participate in this cleanup movement. Though we are under the scorching heat of the sun, everybody is wearing their smiles because we want to show that this is a vivid example of love and everybody is a catalyst of change not just in the community but the whole world as well,” she said, adding that she is very glad that she joined the event. “I am very glad and very joyful to participate in this activity today by cleaning our village through this small effort, but I believe that this cleaning movement will change the whole world,” Diaz said. Rolando Bastida, 20, a call center agent said that he is very happy because through the activity he is able to contribute to his community. “I believe through our joint efforts, we can encourage our neighbors to maintain [the cleanliness of our] community,” he said. The International WeLoveU Foundation conducted the same cleanup movement in Manila, Mandaue City, Pagadian City, and many other places in the Philippines. The International WeLoveU Foundation led by Chairwoman Zahng Gil Jah is conducting worldwide cleanup movement as they believe that the whole world must work together to protect the environment which is the essence of welfare in coping with climate change that threatens human life. This is an environmental welfare movement that purifies cities, parks, mountains, sea, river and etc. The International WeLoveU Foundation is a welfare organization which started in South Korea. This organization conducts various kinds of activities such as supporting children, youth and community, emergency reliefs to help people who are suffering from disasters, diseases and poverty. As part of that purpose, the International WeLoveU Foundation designates every May 22nd as the “Clean Day”. The cleanup event ran worldwide from May 21-23 which included countries like South Korea, Mongolia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, North and South America, US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and Panama. Readmore