Lee Kwang Soo says HaHa lied to him about a blind date?

Lee Kwang Soo said HaHa lied to him about a blind date on the November 8th episode of ‘Big Picture‘.

HaHa’s wife Byul featured as guest, and Lee Kwang Soo revealed, “HaHa said that he had a blind date prepared for me, so I prepared myself and went. When I opened the door, I was so caught offguard. I opened the door, and HaHa and Byul’s families were meeting before their marriage.”

HaHa then explained, “It wasn’t our formal meeting, but a lot of the elders from my family were there.” Lee Kwang Soo responded bitterly, “There were no young women there. I sat in the corner and angrily ate jjangjangmyun.”

Poor Lee Kwang Soo!

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