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Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2017 Written Episode

Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

Two girls were shown running for a seat in train. They find a man already sitting over their train, the younger of them makes him leave their seat. The younger sister’s (Shistri) boyfriend comes to window and asks if she would call him. The older sister tells him clearly she is only taking advantage of his time and goodness. He leaves upset. Shistri says at least he could have left with a hope that they were still together. The old sister thinks about the sadness that prevailed because of leaving Mansik and going to Mumbai. She recalls why she is leaving Mansik and the job of physiotherapist.
She recalls she (Preita) works as physiotherapist. Shistra comes to her to take her to a party. The party had been thrown by Deepak, Preita’s fiancé. He introduces her as her fiancé, and his childhood

girlfriend. She wonders why he lied about being his childhood girlfriend. He silently explains his friends would make a joke of him if they know he is doing an arranged marriage. He takes her to show his house and locks his room behind. Preita was uncomfortable but he insists to have a kiss with her and convince they are getting engaged tomorrow, narrating his friend’s stories.
Outside, Shistra was have a drink and enjoyed with a girl’s boyfriend.
In the room, Preita takes a chance and gives three missed calls to Shistra. She gets the signal of three missed calls meaning an emergency. Shistri goes to save Preita making up that it’s their father’s call.
On the way, Shistri mocks Preita saying she had fallen prey to Deepak. Hadn’t she saved Preita, what would she have done? She says Preita is marrying Deepak for no reason, he is only a normal person. Preita tells Shistra she only wants a balance in her life partner who respects her, not the one who has some attitude.
On the way in train, a nearby passenger offers them Dhokla. Shistra was about to take one but Preita denies. She was upset she can’t afford anything today. She goes back to her memories. Preita was ready for engagement, their father loses his balance over the door. Shistra complains their father has returned, drunken again. She shouts he can’t leave drinking for a single day. Preita comes to support her father. Shistra asks why she let Papa do so. Preita comes to question Papa why today, she is marrying whom he liked for her. Papa says he doesn’t want to give her any clarifications. He was hiding something in the pocket, Shistra comes to snatch what it could be. She was angry and shouts this must be wine. Papa says its not important for them to see it. Someone comes to announce groom’s family has arrived.
PRECAP: Preita tells Deepak she doesn’t care whether he marries or not, she would be in a state of relief. The doctors diagnose their father brain cancer. He tells them their mother is alive and lives with their sister Pragya, they must go to their mother now.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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