Wednesday , June 14 2017

Jennifer Garner: Still In Love With Ben Affleck?!

It’s been two months since Jennifer Garner filed for divorce from Ben Affleck.

Prior to that, Affleck and Garner were separated (but still essentially living together) for an astonishing 22 months

We think it’s safe to say that when it comes to painful things, these two aren’t great in the follow-through department. The reason, it seems, is not that Jen is still hung up on Ben (though that “love of her life” remark is a tad curious), but rather that she’s quite understandably taking this time to focus on her own peace of mind and the happiness of her children:

“This has really been the most difficult decision for her. But it’s time to focus on the future,” the insider says, adding:

“They want to be sure the kids are comfortable. It’s all in step with what they’ve always said was the most important thing: their children.”