Tuesday , November 14 2017

IU to star in a new drama next year?

It has been revealed that numerous production/broadcasting companies are trying to get IU to star in their upcoming projects slated for early next year.

Although the idol singer had been previously cast in leading roles in the past, IU has recently risen to the top spot as the number 1 star with the most love calls from production agencies.

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With receiving much love on JTBC ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast‘ for her down-to-earth personality in addition to slaying music charts with her newest remake album, IU has become the talk of many broadcast companies.

A broadcast representative commented on November 6, “It has been revealed that she has been offered to star in about 10 dramas that are set to air next year. Many broadcast/production companies all agree that there is no greater star power than IU.”

Meanwhile, IU’s agency relayed that the singer will consider her next acting gig via the small screen after completing her nationwide ‘Palette‘ tour ending in December.

Fave Entertainment stated, “She has received many offers, but nothing has been confirmed yet. IU will decide after reviewing each selection carefully.”

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