Former After School member Bekah congratulates Jung Ah on her wedding in video message

Former After School member Bekah congratulated Jung Ah on her upcoming wedding with a video message!

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Jung Ah recently shared lovely photos of the former After School members as her bridal party, and though Bekah couldn’t make it, she still made sure to send her congratulations. On October 14, the bride-to-be shared the below video on Instagram along with the message“I teared up while I saw this. I miss you so much, Bekah. An angelic child who always prays for me even from far away. I really miss you, Bekah.”

In the video message from Hawaii, Bekah says, “Congratulations, Jung Ah Unnie. The pictures I’ve seen are so pretty, and I really miss you. Congrats so much. I want to meet unnie and her husband the next time I go to Korea. I’m always praying for you, and I love you. I really miss you, unnie.”

Bekah graduated After School in 2011, while Jung Ah left the group and Pledis Entertainment last year. Jung Ah will be walking down the aisle with pro-basketball player Jung Chang Young on April 28, 2018.

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