Fave Entertainment responds to IU’s casting report in tvN’s ‘My Mister’

Former BP RaNia member, Alexandra, has called out DR Music and demanded explanations via Twitter recently.

On October 26, Alexandra tweeted about her former label that reads, “This company is really still trying me and I’m losing my patience…do I need to @ y’all to get what’s rightfully mine or…?” After the tweet, fans took great interest and tried to guess what the situation is especially since she only recently left the group.

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Since then, fans have not been updated too much until this morning. The former member has decided to take it up a notch this morning by messaging the company by tagging their official Twitter account. It reads, “@DRMUSIC_RANIA haven’t heard back from you. Please follow up regarding unfinished business.” Despite her leaving the group a few months ago, it appears that there are still ongoing issues between Alexandra and DR Music. Some are speculating that she hasn’t been paid for her time in the group. Stay tuned for more information.

What do you think this could be about?

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