Wednesday , June 14 2017

Farrah Abraham: A Ridiculous, Sometimes X-Rated Life in GIFs

From 16 & Pregnant to Teen Mom to Backdoor Teen Mom and so much more, Farrah Abraham has led a memorable life thus far. In her 26 years on this planet we share, she has already seen more (and we’ve seen more of her) than most of us ever imagined.

1. Farrah Abraham is So Real

Farrah Abraham is So Real
Farrah Abraham is so real. She’s real something, that’s for sure.

She may be delusional, but for the entertainment value provided, Farrah Abraham is okkkkk with us!

Farrah Abraham twerking like it’s her job. Which it basically is, at least part of the time. We mean naked, on top of James Deen, and getting paid for it.

6. Your Trashy-Ass Show

Your Trashy-Ass Show
Farrah Abraham is pretty much the living embodiment of the pot calling the kettle black with this one.