Donghae and Yesung say other agencies scouted them even after Super Junior debut?

Donghae and Yesung said other agencies continued to scout them even after they debuted with Super Junior.

On the November 9th broadcast of SBS PowerFM‘s ‘Cultwo Show‘, Donghae said, “I don’t want to be more famous than the other members,” and Shindong joked, “That means he wants to make money easily. We’ll work hard to get recognition, and he’ll come out with us and make money.”

The members then confessed that some of them aren’t recognized as much as others. Leeteuk shared, “Donghae was promoting with Super Junior, but he received casting offers on the streets of Apgujeong at least 3 times.” Donghae added, “It made me really happy. If I had followed them, I would’ve breached my contract. It was a brand new agency. I would’ve gone if they were famous.”

Yesung also revealed, “After I debuted, I received a casting offer from the casting team at my own company. It hadn’t been that long since I debuted, so I guess that’s why I received an offer. But right before ‘U‘ promotions, I received a card, while I was passing by Apgujeong. It was from SM Entertainment. That employee has already quit.”

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