Dil Se Dil Tak 14th June 2017 Written Episode

Dil Se Dil Tak 14th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

Scene 1
Teni comes to Doctor Mehta’s clinic. Its tarot card reader house too. Teni says this have weird vibe here, receptionist asks if she came to meet Doctor Mehta? Teni says I should meet if I have come so far. Receptionist says he is seeing another patient, you wait for sometime. Teni sits down and sees Bharat coming there, she thinks if he sees me here then my secret will come out. Teni takes magazine and hides her face behind it. Bharat comes to reception and says I have appointment, receptionist asks him to sit. Teni thinks how to get saved from him? Bharat sits beside Teni and says madam you are holding magazine upside down, Teni keep hiding her face. Bharat says your eyes will be affected with upside down magazine. he takes magazine away and says Teni you? Teni says Bharat uncle

you here? Bharat says dont act, you hid your face behind magazine after seeing me, why did you come to brains doctor? Teni says one thought is in my mind thats why I came here, why you are here? Bharat recalls flashback how he was romancing with Jalpa but Jayu cries so Jalpa goes to tend him, Bharat says my son is against my romance, Jalpa makes Jayu lie in pram, Bharat takes her hand and kisses it, Jalpa laughs and says jayu did potty, i cleaned him but I didnt wash hands, Bharat pushes her hands away and says go wash your hands, she laughs and leaves. Bharat says what to do, no love, no romance, wife’s whole attention is for kid, I have to find some solution, flashback ends. Bharat asks Teni to tell her reason first, Teni says its secret, Bharat says mine is secret too, dont tell me and I wont tell you. Bharat says dont tell anyone, Teni says dont tell anyone that I am here too, Bharat says I wont tell anyone and I wont ask your secret, promise, Teni says great. Receptionist asks Teni to go inside.
Teni comes to Doctor Mehta’s room. He says my throat is diseased, tell me your problem. Teni tells him how she was ready to sacrifice her life for Parth and how she is marrying Aman, she says I want to throw Parth out of my mind, Mehta says its serious problem and I can help you, he says repeat 10,000 times a day that ‘leave my mind Parth’, he gives her recorder too, he says my fees is 500/-, she gives him money and says if your idea fails then I will take 1000/- back, she leaves.
Shorvori brings water to Baa and sees box on lap, she asks what is it? Baa says this suggestion box, if anyone has any suggestion for Teni and Aman’s wedding then they can put it in this box, Aman comes there and says I have many suggestions, first suggestion is that I have great ideas for my wedding, Baa says I pray that your love always remain intact for Teni.

Scene 2
Teni comes to her room and says Mohini can be spying on me. She checks her room and says she is not here, I should start working. She opens recorder, and start chanting ‘leave my mind Parth, ‘leave my mind Parth’, Sejal comes there and asks if she has change of notes? Teni says yes i have coins, you want them? Sejal says no, leave it, she leaves. Mohini comes there and says Baa have given it for you to try, Teni takes it and pushes her out of room, she says they wont let me work. Her door knocks again, Teni says seems likes universe doesnt want Parth to leave my mind. Shorvori comes there and says I shopped for Parth and I want to show you, Teni mentally slaps herself. Shorvori shows her perfume, Teni gets worried seeing recorder on bed.

Bharat read doctor Mehta’s solution letter. Letter says i they want his wife to have time for him then he should start doing all the things which his wife does, Bharat says she does job and I do it. Jalpa takes care of Jayu and me, I should take care of her too, now its decided that I will do my wife’s works.

Shorvori takes Parth’s call and asks when are you coming back? Teni hears them talking. Shorvori says okay you are going for meeting? I will call you at night. Jagruti comes there and sees shopping Shorvori did for Parth. Shorvori recalls her romance with Parth, Teni sits there and recalls her moments with Parth too, dil se dil tak plays. Jagruti sees shopping and says shirts will look good on Parth, she leaves. Shorvori sees recorder on bed and goes to check it and asks what is it? Teni gets tensed and says this is for Aman, I have recorded something, have you thought about baby bump? I am showing more but what about you? Shorvori says come with me.

Shorvori brings Teni to her room and shows her fake baby bump, she says Jalpa ordered this, it can swell as much as we want it too. Teni says its great, let me wear it, she wears it and asks her to swell it to 9 months, Shorvori does it, Teni says my stomach will swell like this, people will make fun of me, she hides it with her dupatta and says its still looking swollen. Aman comes there. Aman sees Teni’s big baby bump and says you were normal till yesterday,what happened now? Teni says I am not fat, this is fake baby bump which Shorvori is going to wear for next five months, I will be in America till this time comes for me, will it be fine with you? Aman says I will like you in any case, he says to Shorvori that take your baby and then Teni will be with me. Shorvori says just more five months and then our relation with Teni regarding baby will be finished, Teni gets tensed hearing it. They hear Mohini coming to their room. Shorvori panics and asks Teni to remove fake bump. Teni asks Shorvori to put pillow under her shirt. Shorvori does. Aman and Teni hides in cupboard. Shorvori opens door, Mohini asks why she seem tensed? why are you holding stomach? Shorvori says i am fine, Mohini says Baa is calling you, come with me. Shorvori looks at cupboard, she closes door and leaves. Aman blows at Teni but she ignores him. They come out of cupboard, Aman takes off fake baby bump. Teni says you are taking so much time, how will you become father? Aman says you and my baby will be proud of this father, will you be this cute when you become mother of my baby, will you be this cute? aman pulls her closer and says lets have romance, Teni says you keep clinging to me, Aman says lets go out, Teni sys fine but we will not go far, I have to do homework, Aman says what? what homework do you have other than me? Teni gets tensed.

PRECAP- Teni says if Bharat has been benefitted with Mehta’s solution then it will work for me too, I should do what he suggested. Teni starts chanting “Parth leave my mind”, “Parth leave my mind”. Teni lies on bed and falls asleep but starts murmuring “Parth come to my mind” “Parth come to my mind”.. Mohini comes there and sees her murmuring that in sleep, she says Teni is dreaming about Parth, I have to tell everyone.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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