Chandrakanta 4th June 2017 Written Episode

Chandrakanta 4th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

Virendra and Chandrakantha part ways. Their jewelries get stuck with each other. She smile at each other. Shivdutt’s bichu kanya/scorpion woman wife Shyamala thinks nobody can be saved after she bites, even Virendra will die. She turns into scorpion and crawls towards Virendra and Chandrakantha. Virendra and Chandrakantha’s romance continues. He expresses his love. She says he did not epxxpess his love till now as he was khoonkhar, now is struggling to express. Scorpion is about to bite Virendra when he turns and their jewels break. Virendra says he will bring her necklace and his heart. She asks to bring only her necklace, his heart is with her. Tej Singh’s hawk lifts scorpion and drops her away. Scorpion turns back to woman with injured hands and thinks why haw is attacking him.

Hawk attacks her repeatedly. Virendra continues his romance and is about to kiss Chandrakantha when Champa and Chapala enter. They part ways. Virendra hears a woman writhing in pain and rushes there. He sees hawk biting scorpion and asks hawk Khudabaksh to spare scorpion as it is not his feast. Tej Singh comes and hawk lies and sits on him. Virendra says he came here hearing a woman’s voice and saw his hawk biting scorpion. Tej Singh asks where is scorpion. Virendra says it was here and now not seen. Tej Singh gets confused.
Shyamala reaches Shivdutt injured. Shivdutt yells she came injured and did not kill Virendra. Shyamala says se was about to kill Virendra when a hawk attacked her, but Virendra came and sent hawk away. He yells she is praising Virendra in front of him and continues yelling. Marich comes there ands says women are not allowed in Chunargarh, who is this woman. Shivdutt says she is his wife Shyamala, a bichu kanya, she had gone to kill Virendra. Marich shouts no one will kill Virendra, Virendra was his dog, but he tried to roar and bite him, he will plan how to kill Virendra.

Rani Ratnagarbha gets Jaidev’s message asking her to come to Navgarh immediately as something important is happening. She reaches Navgah and sees Raja Harshvardhan and Rani Chandrika’s image in a temple performing havan. She then sees Chandrakantha and realizes she is Rani Chandrika’s replica. Rani Padvika greets her and says she was invited to attend Yuvraj Virendra’s crowing ceremony. Crowning ceremony starts. Virendra enters and Surendra performs his crowning ceremony and places crown on his head. Ratnagarbha is shocked seeing Virendra resembles Harshvardhan. She goes to her room later and uses her skills asking to show what she saw. She sees Harshvardhan and Chandrika in a temple. Maid comes and informs that Padvika is calling her calling her to talk regarding Virendra and Chandrakantha’s marriage. She meets Padvika who says she wants Virendra and Chandrakantha’s wedding. Virendra is going to perform pooja at their kuldevi temple tomorrow, if Chandrakantha performs pooja with him, their alliance will be fixed, then marriage can happen either in Navgarh or Vijaygarh. Jaisingh says they both love each other, so marriage should happen soon.

Surendra’s nephew comes to him and informs that Nazim, Ahmed and Jhumru have escaped. Surendra asks how can they escape from so much security. Nephew says there is a traitor among them. Guard enters and informs that Sundhargarh’s raja Giddha Singh has sent a message. Surendra thinks why did he send message after so many years, excuses himself and reads message reminding him about Virendra and his daughter Taramati’s wedding fixed in childhood.

Virendra performs rituals in temple. Padvika asks Chandrakantha to go with Virendra. Ratnagarbha on the other side reaches a secret room and finds a talismi book and Harshvardhan and Chandrika’s portait. On the other side, Jaisingh tells Surendra that he wants Virendra and Chandrakantha’s alliance. Padvika says she was thinking same. Surendra says this marriage cannot happen as Virendra’s alliance is fixed with Sundargarh’s rajkumari Taramati in childhood. Jai Singh says he is insulting him and will not live here for a moment. He walks out. Chandrakantha ties thread to a tree and tells Virendra that wishes get fulfilled and he also should tie thread with her. They both tie thread. Jaisingh enters angrily and angrily takes Chandrakantha saying their marriage will not happen. They both are shocked. Ratnagarbha comes and tells Jaisingh she will talk to Surendra.

Ratnagarbha goes to Surendra and says Virendra and Chandrakantha are united by destiny, so nobody can separate them, they are Raja Harshvardhan and Rani Chandrika’s reincarnation. They have born after 100 years to reveal the secret of talism. There is a book and their portrait in secret room, only Virendra and Chandrakanth can read that book and reveal the secret of talism. Surendra says she put him in dilemma, he will speak to either Chandrakantha or Virendra and then take decision. Ratnagarbha walks out and seeing Virendra passing him says she needs to talk to him something important and takes him to secret room, does not find book and portrait and says only Surendra knows about it. Virenda asks what happened. She says he and Chandrakantha are reincarnation of Harshvardhan and Chandrika. Maid informs Chandrakantha that Surendra is calling her. She goes in and tells if he wants her to forget Virendra, she cannot in her life. He shows her book and says she and Virendra are reincarnation of his ancestors Harshvardhan and Chandrika and tells story that they risked Navgarh’s life for talism and massacre done by Marich, etc.. He says only she and Virendra can read this book and tell secret of talism. She says she will not do that. Padvika watches hiding. Their argument starts. Chandrakantha takes out knife and stabs Surendra. Padvika runs to Surendra and holds him and calls Virendra. Virendra runs towards her hearing her voice.

Precap: Padvika is shocked to see Chandrakantha killing Surendra and asks why did she do that. Virendra enters and is shocked to see that Chandrakantha has killed his father.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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