Saturday , December 9 2017


KARD hold debut showcase and reveal their fandom name

Celebrating the release of “Hola Hola”, co-ed group KARD held their debut showcase as they greeted fans via ‘KARD ‘HOLA HOLA’ DEBUT SHOWCASE’ through Naver ‘V’ Live on July 19. Opening the stage with “I Can’t Stop” and “Hola Hola” the members took the time to interact with fans with …

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Watch KARD perform ‘Hola Hola’ live for the first time!

With the launch of their long-awaited official debut, KARD took to the stage with their title track “Hola Hola” at their debut showcase. Decorating the stage with a vibrant and trendy tropical theme, watch as the 4 members, B.M, Somin, J.seph, and Jiwoo, present a live performance of their new …

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New girl group Weki Meki pop with vibrant colors in group teaser image for ‘WEME’

Weki Meki released a group teaser image for their debut! The new girl group by Fantagio consists of 8 members including former IOI members Kim Do Yeon and Choi Yoo Jung, and Ji Su Yeon, Elly, Sei, Lua, Rina, and Lucy. For their 1st mini album ‘WEME‘, the girls took on a colorful, sporty concept. SEE ALSO: Weki Meki releases individual teaser images ahead of their …

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