Monday , September 18 2017

BOYS24 reveal strange set of SNS spoilers

BOYS24 took to their official SNS to reveal a strange set of spoilers for an unnamed project.


The first teaser consists of a series of drawings, which seem to be clues hinting at the upcoming project. The drawings/text consist of people exchanging text messages, the words “I can do it”, the Korean letter ‘ㅅ’ (equivalent to the ‘S’ sound), a drawing of a molar, and more.

The next two teasers are brief videos of the BOYS24 members, interacting in quizzical ways. All of the teasers are accompanied by the caption, “#090909”. You can also notice that the group’s official SNS names have been changed to @Official_IN2IT. Do you think this may be their new group name?

Meanwhile, BOYS24 will be promoting as 8 members following the determination of its final group members.

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What do you think the spoilers are for?


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