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Beyhadh 5th July 2017 Written Episode

Beyhadh 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on DramaPop.Net

Arjun reminisces Maya’s words to kill her, nobody can love him like her. He love bonding will be with him forever and if their bonding breaks, it will strangulate him. Saanjh enters and slaps him and asks why did he kill Maya when he promised he will not kill Maya. He says Maya described all her sins and reminisces Maya describing how she killed Vandana and how Vandana pleaded to spare her, etc. He continues that Maya was looking in peace and maybe it happened to him for not trusting his brother. He reminisces Maya describing how Ayan came rescue Arjun and how she injected Arjun and tied him to bed and then alleged Ayan in rape case. She further describes how Ayan did not budge after returning from jail and threatened her to expose her, so she crushed Ayan repeatedly under car and tried to kill him.

Saanjh says he was so blindfolded in Maya’s love that he did not listen to her at all. Arjun further reveals how Maya revealed that Saanjh got proof against her and sent it to Prem, Arjun and Samay. She deleted Arjun’s video. Arjun reminisces not trusting Saanjh and deleting all mails. Maya continues that she got Prem killed via Samay and challenging Arjun if he spares her now, she will kill Saanjh and Ayan.
Saanjh cries hearing all this. Arjun continues that Maya faked her pregnancy and did not let Arjun go closer to Saanjh. She continues that she even killed Ashwin as he was coming between her and Arjun’s love. She loves her mother a lot, but even tried to kill her when she came in their way by throwing her from her old godown’s window, but she survived and became paralytic . She then saw Arjun giving Saanjh so much love when Prem uncle died, so she thought if her mother is dead, Arjun will love her more. She tried to kill Jahnvi again by drowning her in bathtub, but Arjun saved her again. She continues that she killed so many of them to get Arjun’s love. Arjun then strangulates Maya and says she killed them all to get his love, he will not kill her and let her suffer without his love. He walks away. She stops him and asks to tell at least once that he loves her. He says he hates her a lot and walks pushing her again. She says if he spares her now, she will kill Ayan and Saanjh.

Arjun continues reminiscing slapping Maya and telling she is right, he cannot leave her. It is better he kills her before she kills Ayan and Saanjh. He strangulates her neck and pushes her reminiscing all her words. He slips on marble and falls on ground unconscious. Maya falls on table and bleeds.

Out of flashback, Arjun says he has to repent for his mistake for long time. Saanjh says Maya provoked him to kill her, there is a big conspiracy behind it.

Precap: Inspector tells Saanjh that he has proof that Arjun killed Maya, she has left a letter that she is afraid Arjun will kill her.

Update Credit to: Vishi

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