American rapper CupcakKe disturbs BTS’ fans with sexual tweets about Jungkook

CupcakKe is gaining attention for her series of disturbing tweets.

The American rapper revealed to be a fan of BTS maknae Jungkook. However, her love for the K-Pop idol is unwelcomed by many ARMYs. The reason? Her sexual tweets.

Recently, CupcakKe tweeted, “Jungkook stan mad I said imma f*ck Jungkook.. lmao I said what I said and I meant that sh*t.”

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It didn’t stop there. She continued with another tweet, “You mad I want to f*ck him? If he tweeted I want to f*ck cupcakKe, why would I get mad? I will let him stick his dick in my mouth GOODNIGHT.”

At this point, BTS fans have clearly expressed they’re highly disturbed by her tweets and thought it was sexually harassing, but she didn’t stop. CupcakKe again tweeted, “Said I want to f*ck Jungkook. And I meant that sh*t, I’m waiting on his number now.”

In response to the hate on her tweets, CupcakKe fired back with criticism toward ARMY, and said, “Jungkook fan base are on my Instagram telling me to kill myself making some of the sickest comments ever, what a very disturbing fanbase.”

Now, BTS fans are just like….

“It’s too much”, “GROSS!!!”, “Jungkook doesn’t like sexual comments, please stop.”

What are your thoughts on CupcakKe’s tweets about Jungkook?

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