Actor Kim Jae Won advises Yoo Jae Suk to stop watching naughty videos?

Actor Kim Jae Won gave Yoo Jae Suk a piece of unexpected advice on ‘Happy Together‘.

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During filming for the October 19th episode, Kim Jae Won expressed he plans to change his public image from quiet and calm to the complete opposite. On the talk show, he gave advice to the hosts and guests, explaining, “I studied fortune telling and metaphysics.”

The actor gave his “expert” opinion, saying, Jun Hyun Moo is like a puppy,” and Jung Dong Ha seems sensitive.” What he told Yoo Jae Suk had the whole studio laughing, however.

Looking at the ‘nation’s MC,’ Kim Jae Won expressed, “Your life will be better if you stop watching naughty videos.”

This episode of ‘Happy Together’ airs on October 19 at 11:10PM KST.

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