Saturday , December 9 2017

Actor Kang Ha Neul shares a heartfelt message prior to his enlistment

On September 11, actor Kang Ha Neul shared a heartfelt message as well as photos of himself getting a buzz cut in preparation for his military enlistment.

The images show the actor kneeling down on the floor as his friends take turns cutting his hair, demonstrating a strong brotherly bond.

Kang Ha Neul mentioned, “I wanted to ask my friends to shave my head before entering the army. This has to be one of the most memorable memories in my entire lifetime.”

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The actor also took the time to write a long post via his Instagram page, looking back on his personal life and career before leaving for the military. “This will be my final post as a person in his 20s. Looking back, I realized that time doesn’t pass by vainly.” He also shared his thoughts on his acting career. “I’ve had the chance to work on numerous lovely projects and feel very lucky and energized because of such valuable opportunities.”

Lastly, he wrote, “I think it’ll be fun being in a new atmosphere with new people and surrounded by new energy  I will make sure to keep a bright smile on during the next two years.”

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